Mullem, castle village

In the midst of the Oudenaarde fields, the pristine castle village of Mullem shines in the yellow lustre of its authentic cottages. The early medieval village centre is a protected heritage. A quiet little square with a 12th-century church, a presbytery and rural cottages in Mullem yellow. Hidden between trees lies the feudal walled ‘motte’, which is called ‘Klein Kasteeltje" (Little Castle). A little further down the road is a castle, owned by the De Gerlache family, which is still inhabited. The family is known for its former South Pole expeditions.

And furthermore ... centuries-old lime trees, babbling brooks, ... A paradise for hikers and cyclists alike. To quench your thirst, you can visit the authentic establishment "In de Kroon". A top address!

You can hardly imagine that this area also endured turbulent and bloody times. In the surrounding fields, history was written here in 1708 with the Battle of Oudenaarde. This was one of the four important battles during the War of the Spanish Succession. European powers stood face to face with the troops of the Kingdom of France and the Spanish Empire. Thanks to the victory of the Allies, the then Spanish Netherlands escaped the reign of Louis XIV of France.