Ename: a mix of ancient history and contemporary experience

Ename catapults you back in time and treats you three times to centuries-old heritage. Eight hectares of archaeological park with the foundations of the Benedictine abbey, a gentle slope that leads you to the woods ‘Bos t' Ename’ and the beautifully restored church of St Laurence. Three surprising sights interwoven into one story. The old harbour town has even more to tell, much more.

What that is, you will discover in the Provincial Heritage Centre.

At the push of a button, an old castle rises from the ashes. A look behind the scenes of the heritage depot discloses unique revelations. Experience the virtual walk in the 13th-century Ename Abbey. With an audio guide or on discovery yourself, anything goes. You can relax in the artistic heritage foyer, where you can admire Ben Benaouisse's installation ‘Invasif’. From the second floor, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the archaeological site and the undulating Scheldt landscape. Check the diary for new temporary exhibitions at www.oost-vlaanderen.be/erfgoedcentrum

Huis Beaucarne, afternoon tea the noble style

If you like afternoon tea the time-honoured way, then a visit to Huis Beaucarne is definitely not to be missed. For generations, the Beaucarne and Fredericq families have cherished this 18th-century manor house. The host and hostess of the house run the authentic villa as a museum and teahouse. Let yourself be enchanted by the original interior. A wealth of antiques and curiosities immerse you in an 18th- and 19th-century atmosphere. The tour takes you from one unique legacy to the next. From stuffed animals to glassware to doll's houses. The family is passionate about revealing the fun facts of each curiosity. Add to this rare collections and archive material from Ename Abbey. After the visit, enjoy an afternoon tea arrangement. All in noble style in the intimate, authentic 18th-century parlours. Or, weather permitting, in the historic courtyard of Huis Beaucarne.