Meat hall

Avid readers and music enthusiasts have come to the right place! This stately classicistic building is home to our public library since the 1980's. It is currently being renovated to better suit the needs of its visitors and become a place where minds come together. It will house a café,  theatre hall and a customized children's section. Something to look forward to!

But how about we take a step back in history first? All the way back to 1779 in particular. 
At that time, the building had two different functions:
1/ a meat market on the ground floor (until 1868)
2/ an art academy on the first floor (until the 1970's)

A rather unusual combination to be sure! If you look at it closely however, it made sense at the time. Architects Van Der Meersch and Van Den Hende, designated to draw up the building plans, had founded an art academy on their own initiative only a few years earlier and eagerly seized the opportunity to fixing a permanent space.  Job well done.