Town Hall, cloth hall, belfry and Royal Fountain

The iconic building you see before you is part of a great package deal, consisting of a town hall, a 14th century cloth hall and a 16th century belfry.
The famous French author Victor Hugo said it well when he stated that every detail is worth careful scrutiny in this fantastic building. Sumptuously decorated frames with collars adorned with angels, mermaids and hunting scenes; the longer you look, the more you see. Master builder Hendrik van Pede already knew back in 1526 how to design a edifice that would stand the test of time!

Impressive to say the least, let it be no surprise that the belfry is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mind the bronze statue at the top of the tower! There stands Hanske De Krijger, a 16th century town guard, who failed to spot the arrival of Charles the Fifth after having had a bit too much to drink. Legend has it that the emperor suggested including a pair of glasses in our coat of arms.  Check out our logo to find out exactly hòw open we are to witty suggestions.

Also very much worth having a look at, is the royal fountain. It has been filling our town square with the sound of splashing water since 1676. It was connected with the sources of the Edelareberg some 2 kilometres away by a system of water mains and was the first public waterfacility in town.