The city's story

In the MOU you will experience at first hand how Oudenaarde is fused with the Scheldt, the artery to which the city owes its origin and growth. As the Scheldt once squirmed through Oudenaarde, you follow a meandering route through the museum.

Gradually you will see the city change. From a small trading post in a curve of the Scheldt to a rich tapestry center of world renown. From a fortified city that attracts the attention of European rulers to a ghost town at the end of WW I. From an emerging industrial city in the late 19th century to a modern city, in which the arms of the Scheldt are filled in and highways take over the role of the rivers.

You will bump into Emperor Charles, with his illegitimate daughter Margaret, Adriaan Brouwer, with its famous beer scenes, and Louis XIV, who bites the dust. Famous inhabitants of Oudenaarde like Frank De Bleeckere explain why they are fascinated by Oudenaarde. Topmodel Cesar Casier and four others are posing for the lens of famous photographer Stephan Vanfleteren.