Additional measures coronavirus

Welcome (back) in Oudenaarde! We've missed you.

To slow down the spread of the coronavirus, the local government has taken a series of addition measures. 

Face masks

In Oudenaarde it's mandatory to have a face mask with you at all times. When you meet someone who is not a part of your social bubble and you can not keep sufficient distance from each other (minimum 1.5 m), you have to wear your mask.

When you keep a face mask with you at all times, you will never be surprised if, for example, you go and enjoy an Oudenaarde brown beer in one of our local pubs or restaurants or admire our tapestries in the MOU.

The federal government has defined a list of places where a face mask is mandatory. More information >


We want to make sure your visit to the Musum of Oudenaarde and the Flemish Ardennes, MOU, is as safe as possible. We have defined a safe route throughout the museum. Please follow the directions indicated in the museum and the instructions of the members of staff. It is mandatory to wear a face mask during your visit.

Enjoy a safe stay in our city!